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Research has shown that a person who keeps a diet high in Omega-3’s is at low risk for cardiovascular diseases. Other research has also suggested that EFA’s may reduce depression and feelings of suicide. You may be wondering, how will this help my diet? Well, the key to this fatty acid is that energy is generated in the cells during the metabolism of these acids. During your diet, your energy sources from protein and essential fatty acids will help your metabolism to continue running and burning those extra carbohydrates (or stored fat) as fuel. Fish oil also has other benefits, such as: • Reduces inflammation • Eliminates joint pain • Improves vision • Increases mental focus • Treats ulcers, Chron’s Disease, and colitis • Provides healthier gums • Gives you smoother skin, hair and nails • Decreases triglyceride levels • Increases daily calorie burn After 30 days taking EPA/DHA supplements, you will really see and feel these benefits. EPA/DHA balance should be 2:1. Based on the research I’ve read, the appropriate amount is around 2g EPA to 1g DHA each day. For most “regular” strength fish oils on the market, this comes out to about 10 EPA/DHA capsules each day or 5 teaspoons of straight fish oil. This may sound like a lot but it will get your EPA/DHA levels up to where they need to be for optimum health and ease of fat burning. The 2 Week Diet - Launch Handbook | 40