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Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) Your health, good or bad, is driven in the large part by the level of inflammation in your body and the amount of lean muscle mass you have. In fact, there are several diseases (including obesity) that are linked to inflammation and the lack of muscle mass. When you control the inflammation in your body, you can effectively control the onset of numerous diseases, including type II diabetes, heart disease, depression, arthritis and obesity. Muscle mass decreases over time, especially when we are not eating enough protein and not engaging in exercise. The less muscle mass we have, the more weight we will gain. Lean muscle mass is crucial to keeping body fat at bay. A healthy body is a body that has low levels of inflammation and high levels of muscle mass. While many attribute to high levels of inflammation and loss of muscle mass to aging, the fact is, we can keep our bodies young through proper nutrition and exercise. We get old from the inside out. So, it is important to keep inflammation down and exercise up. Essential fatty acids are exactly that: essential. EFA’s are mainly polyunsaturated fats. Humans must ingest them because our bodies are unable to create them. Once broken down, EFA’s will contribute to functioning of vital organs. EFA’s regulate body functions and are essential to cardiac cells. Other functions affected by EFA’s are heart rate, blood pressure, clotting, fertility and conception and immune system functions. You may have heard EFA’s referred to as Omega-3’s or linolenic acid and Omega-6’s linoleic acid. The American Heart Association recommends an EFA’s included diet at least two times a week, and they say that you should eat fish oil to get the benefit. Fish oil capsules are a great way to get your essential fatty acid needs. Essential fatty acid intake is imperative at maximizing your effectiveness on How to Lose Weight Fast, The two major forms of omega-3 fats used by the body are (EPA) eicosapentaenoic acid and (DHA) docosahexaenoic acid. The 2 Week Diet - Launch Handbook | 39