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If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should take a good look at your daily protein intake. Sometimes these unexplainable conditions come down to an easy fix—more protein in your diet. Protein deficiency can be even more serious than you think. Long term or frequent protein deficiency can result in even more serious health risks, such as: • gallstones. • Arthritis. • heart problems. • organ failure. • muscle deterioration. • death As you can see, a lack of protein in your diet can be very serious—even life threatening. If you take nothing else from this book, be absolutely certain that you are getting adequate amounts of protein every day. In the diet portion of The 2 Week Diet, you’ll learn how to calculate your true daily protein requirements. On The 2 Week Diet, we attempt to emulate “starvation” and all the fat-burning qualities it produces—but without all the negative side effects (hunger, lean body mass loss, etc.). To do this, we will focus on depleting the body of carbohydrates to trigger the starvation response. Again, this starvation response forces the body to switch over to burning incredible amounts of fat for our daily energy needs. Meanwhile, we will “sneak” adequate amounts of protein to the body every few hours. Instead of attacking our own lean body mass, the body will use this “easy” protein (the protein we eat) and turn it into glucose, which requires even more fuel (body fat) to accomplish. Basically, we are going to throw all kinds of things at the body to force it to burn more and more body fat, which will result in ultra-fast weight loss. The 2 Week Diet - Launch Handbook | 16