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WHY 2 WEEKS? Research has shown that most overweight people are carrying around 8-16 pounds of unwanted body fat. Research has also shown that most diets fail. From my experience, most diets fail because they take the long, slow, boring approach to weight loss. When weight loss comes off at 1-2 pounds a week, the rewards for the sacrifices it takes to get there really aren’t worth it. The 2 Week Diet accomplishes what most diets take 4-5 months to do in 2 weeks. The 2 Week Diet was specifically designed to be an extremely rapid method for burning between 8-16 pounds of body fat. I understand that for a diet to be ultra-successful, it absolutely must produce very rapid results. When results come quickly, the dieter receives the necessary feedback that the diet is working and that it’s worth doing. This results in the dieter sticking with the diet. When the dieter sticks with the diet, the results snowball and the outcome is successful weight loss and a brand new body. This is why The 2 Week Diet works! You will soon see that you will notice favorable body composition changes in the very first couple of days on the diet. In the very first week alone, you will be likely seeing 10 pounds of fat stripped away from your body. Your clothes will be looser… You’ll feel lighter… And you’ll look and feel 10x better than you did just a week before. The 2 Week Diet - Launch Handbook | 12