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UbiCare Enhancing Care Quality by Fostering Patient Engagement H eadquartered in Boston, MA, UbiCare is a prominent patient engagement company that impacts care cost and quality through its proven SAAS products. Effectively, UbiCare combines targeted, evidence-based, multimedia content with a dynamic software platform that allows complete customization and real-time usage data. Founded in 2002, UbiCare is on the forefront of creating a completely digital patient engagement solution in the U.S. In its initial stages, the company used technology to overcome obstacles in successfully engaging and educating patients. Through weekly, relevant emails delivered throughout the whole episode of care, hospitals strengthen their patient connection and relationships, enjoy immediate patient access, and provide the means to make patients true in their care. Magnificent Talent Betsy Weaver CEO The CEO, Betsy Weaver, has gathered a team of great talent, most of whom have been with the company for half a decade or more—including three team members who worked together in her last company. The Executive VP of Content/UI/Product started out in print, adapted quickly to the web and has since moved into mobile and interactive. The Executive VP of Corporate previously designed museum exhibits and applied her MBA at digital marketing companies, focusing on using content to gain audience attention, being hyper-relevant, and increase product use. The Executive VP of Finance and Operations keeps the team moving forward with grace and efficiency. Lastly, the CTO, who was previously a member of the team that created eINK used in the Amazon Kindle devices, continues to innovate for patients and the hospitals who care for them. Teamwork, Unity Brings Strength “Our evolutionary—or revolutionary!—content and 42 | December 2018