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REVENUE People with higher income tend to be healthier and they enable themselves to live in a safe neighborhood and have more access to health foods and organic stores. They also get the access of gym, yoga and even joggers’ park. On the other hand, citizens with lower income are likely to live in the poverty. These include the unsafe housing, challenges in getting healthy food, and less time for the physical activities. Furthermore, the citizens below the poverty line can also face challenges in availing healthcare facilities like health insurance. It also denies people access to housing, education, transport, and other factors to the overall participation in life. The stress of living in poverty is even more harmful during the pregnancy and for the babies, children, and elders. PARENTING The health impact of good early development and education can last a lifetime. This good start in life comes from the support of the parents. Studies have shown that the foundations of healthy adult life are established in early childhood and even before birth. Parenting with slow growth and poor emotional support can lead to the lifetime risk of poor health and reduce physical and emotional functioning in adult years. Any kind of inferior experience and slow growth can be embed in the biology of the child during the process of development and can form the basis of individual biological damage which in turn affects the health throughout life. As far as children are concerned, their emotional, cognitive, and sensory input program brain’s responses and insecure attachment and poor upbringing can lead to reduced studying abilities in school, low attainment of education, and behavior problems. Additionally, peer and families often set health habits of young one such as exercising, sensible eating, refraining from drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Hence, the experience of an infant is also important for adult health. All these factors play an important role in a person's health on a daily basis. Individuals must understand how these factors affect the health so that they can take the necessary steps to improve themselves and also improve their health. 40 | December 2018