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Editor’s Pick LACK OF PHYSICAL INACTIVITY Physical inactivity among teenagers can contribute to cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, or cancer in the later life alongside increased body mass index and obesity. An environment that restricts physical activity has been labeled as a major factor for obesity. The rise of obesity in young people has been attributed to environmental changes. These changes include the use of transport for commute and a decrease in the opportunities for recreational physical activities. EDUCATION An education level can affect the health meter of a person. Education provides the tool to make a good decision about health. It is generally said that people with a good education will live more. They are more likely to take part in seeing their physician and keeping a regular habit of exercising. Education further helps them in eliminating unhealthy habits like smoking and drug use. Moreover, they can avail themselves with the benefits of health insurance alongside making connections with the other people in their life. All these factors add up to the betterment of the health. CULTURE DIFFERENCES Different types of culture and society value body types in different ways. In some places, the weight is seen as a positive thing where the food is scarce and some culture despise it and label it as obesity. The type of food one consumes can affect the health and well-being of an individual. The culture and the types of foods that community holds also affect the health and longevity. Not only the eating patterns play a part, but also the attitude and behavior of people play an important role, which influences health. Such cultural traditions can induce stress in individuals and they can doubt themselves whether they are socially accepted and acknowledged in their life. All these factors add to the social insecurities and irregular eating habits in human beings. December 2018 39