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Top Trends that can Boost Patient Engagement to Optimum Levels atient engagement is a continuous process. It does not end within the four walls of a clinic or hospital. Nowadays, with more awareness and desire to live healthy lives, it is vital for healthcare providers to provide an uninterrupted and better support along with guidance to make patients healthcare journey a happier one which will be based exclusively on trust and empathetic care. Here we bring some exciting facets of healthcare that are becoming popular for better patient engagement. P site information, treatment/infection information to help customers in: Health 5.0 Health 5.0 has become the latest buzzword in the field of healthcare. This more recent version of healthcare is more focused towards personalization and emergence of digital wellness. What’s new in this new stage is patients are recognized as customers and from a patient-centric healthcare, 5.0 is tilting towards customers centric wellness services. Moreover, these solutions will assist reduce the social costs associated with healthcare and caregiving and solve labor- shortage problems at healthcare sites. The main focus in this face of healthcare is more towards prevention than cure. Health 5.0 utilize AI analysis of big data spanning over diverse types of information, including personal real-time physiological data, environmental information, healthcare- 32 | December 2018 • Promoting healthy living and early detection of diseases through real-time automatic health checkups • Providing ideal treatment anywhere through the sharing of physiological and medical data • Using robots to ease the on-site burden of healthcare and caregiving Health Education No one wants to be in the dark when it comes to any kind of dental treatment. Everyone wants to know about the detailed procedures and techniques the doctor perform while treating dental patients. As the awareness level on the rise, more and more patients want to know about their treatment procedures in advance. Educating the patients about the treatment can significantly improve the patient experience. Increasing patient engagement not only does help in augmenting patient’s knowledge and skills but also builds their confidence in managing their health.