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LEADING 1 10 PATIENT ENGAGEMENT EN The “ Santovia is the only integrated solution that allows providers to deliver quality video and written education al materials, offering the added advantage for providers to assign their own customized content to patients and accurate feedback about patient care and how conditions are progressing. Words of Happy Clientele “Evidence shows that informed patients make more cost- effective decisions.” says Fiona. The company works with providers, employers, and insurers to reduce healthcare costs and increase profitability. Dr. Donald Rice, M.D, stated that when the clinic switched from their old vendor to Santovia, the staff noticed immediate improvements. “We had searched for a new provider for many years, so it was nice to see a proactive company like Santovia step up and address all of our concerns.” Feedback from both staff and patients has been very positive reaffirming they made the correct choice in partnering with Santovia. According to Dr. Rice, “The user interface window was incredibly well designed. The Santovia portal seamlessly ties into the Urgent Care Clinic’s medical record system making it easy to remain paperless. It pulls the proper handout and documents the delivery to the patient. We had used third party educational providers and by far, Santovia is far superior. They clearly ‘get us’ and our needs.” Astute Leadership Before moving to the U.S., Santovia’s CEO, Fiona Calnan successfully created a built a network of hospitals in the UK that delivered the best patient outcomes for orthopedic procedures in the country. Great clinical care was clearly an important part of this achievement but helping patients to Solution Providers 2018 fully understand what they need to do to recover effectively was just as important an ingredient. Fiona’s pioneering use of technology to help patients understand how to boost their recovery was recognized by industry awards. It’s those insights, both about the need for patients to be fully engaged in their recovery and how to harness technology to support learning, which inspired Calnan to move to the US to bring those pioneering achievements to a wider audience by working with Santovia’s founder, Dr Ibrahim Eid. The Uniqueness of Santovia Santovia’s patient education platform provides an unrivalled breadth and depth in both written and video content. Santovia integrates surveys that give deep insights into each patient’s experience of care and how their treatment is progressing. Santovia is assessible directly from the providers’ EMRs and content can be viewed through patient portals, health apps and printed at the point of care. Santovia is the only solution that brings all these approaches together in one package. The Santovis platform aligns all healthcare participants towards a common goal: to achieve the highest quality care in an efficient and cost- contained environment.“Everybody wins. Patients, and providers all benefit from Santovia. We listen and act on their feedback.” asserts Fiona. Speaking about the working close with customers, Fiona says, “The team are all close to customers, spending significant amount of time understanding their needs and then translating that directly into new features and product enhancements.” Future of Santovia Santovia has already established itself as the most comprehensive patient engagement platform in the market, “but this is just the tip of the iceberg” they say. Immediate plans include rollout expansion of its teleconsult capability to enable patients to access expert physicians on demand. Other areas in development include expansion of its cutting-edge physical therapy videos to cover even more exercises to improve recovery at home. It has already helped thousands of patients make better decisions and aims to reach many more people by helping employers create a healthier culture and support their employees' health care choices. December 2018 31