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Santovia An Integrated and Comprehensive Health Engagement Platform S antovia provides targeted patient education, and resources that promote shared decision-making, and better outcomes. Santovia is happy to announce its new partnership with EBSCO Health and the new integrated Option Grid solution for providers. The Option Grids are build on years of evidence-based research to guide people through life’s major health decisions Its surveys are used by healthcare providers to improve patient satisfaction through rapid feedback. Santovia also supports patient reported outcomes by measuring recovery and keeping track of how patients are progressing. The need for better patient engagement has never been higher, and with more people than ever using technology, the fundamentals are falling into place for Santovia. “It’s often those who least have access to technology that need the information most.” This insight is an important driver in the development of Santovia. Headquartered in Boston MA, Santovia was launched in 2016. Santovia is optimized for all platforms: mobile, tablets, desktops and even paper for those that want it. The inspiration behind Santovia was its recognition that patients need better education and everyone in the system needs to communicate more effectively. For Santovia, this means high-quality educational materials tailored specifically for each individual patient. It aims to consign poor-quality photocopies with obscure diagrams and difficult jargon to the trash heap. Instead, Santovia provides: Fiona Calnan CEO 30 | December 2018 • Extensive easy-to-understand content that explains what patients need to know about their conditions and procedures, in video and written format, and in both English and Spanish; • Conversational videos with expert doctors explaining exactly what behavior patients need to change; • Physical therapy exercises videos; • A wide library of customizable surveys to support rapid