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The role OF SHARED Decision Making IN IMPROVING Patient Engagement H ealthcare professionals are constantly under consumer’s pressure and their requirements. Physicians, regulators, and health providers are figuring out the best way required to engage the patients in their own medical care. Hence, organizations have shifted to shared decision making (SDM) as a key strategy in bringing out the role of patients in their own treatments. SDM enables physicians and patients to share the decisions to arrive at a mutual agreement in the care plan, tests, and the treatment. Physicians base these results on the clinical evidence, balance of risks, and expected outcomes along with the patient’s values and preferences. By implementing mutual decision via patient education and communication, patients can progress beyond participation and can develop into health collaborator. From the provider's view, SDM obliges them to merge their clinical expertise realizing that the patients can understand their difficulties alongside acknowledging their value and priorities. Hence, the call for the SDM is emerging now and 26 | December 2018 is seeking more value-based and patient-centred healthcare. Time limitation and the knowledge accompanying with the regulatory action has demeaned the SDM and has allowed it to flow under the radar of the healthcare providers. Consequently, the healthcare professionals require education on SDM and how to practice it to set up a collaborative environment for the patients and the clinical staff. Usage Experts break SDM down in simple and stable steps. They represent it as a simple example like identifying the patient condition, reviewing the treatment options, testing the patient’s preference and values, and carrying out the decision. The emerging challenges in these basic steps lie in the present workflow and on the provider’s part via irregular communication with the patients. Such false and inferior