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Medisafe Enhancing Medical Adherence and Outcomes for a Healthier Tomorrow T wo brothers, Omri and Rotem, were sitting in the lobby of a hospital, in front of the emergency room. They were waiting for their father, a diabetic patient who, while taking his every day dose, had accidentally injected a second dose of insulin, to get better. Fortunately, he was fine. But, both the brothers, after spending the day in that lobby, wondered how it was possible that there was no tool to help people manage their medications and prevent mistakes like not remembering to take their meds or double dosing. After researching over this, they realized that no such solution was available and therefore, set out to create one. That is when Medisafe was born. Medisafe is the brain-child of the brothers- Omri Shor, the CEO and Co-founder, and Rotem Shor, the CTO and Co-founder of the company. Medisafe is a fast-moving patient engagement business that has created easy-to-use, personalized technology to help people manage their health better. It provides a state-of-the- art medication adherence platform to its users. Talking about the company, Omri says, “Medisafe helps people manage their medications easily and effectively. We provide our pharma partners with insights into patient behavior and ways to engage with their patients.” Medisafe is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with its major operation center in Haifa, Israel. When incepted in 2012, the founders’ dad was Medisafe’s app’s first user, and today, it has over 4.5 million users in 150 countries. Omri Shor CEO & Co-founder 24 | December 2018 Commitment to Saving Lives Realizing that almost 125,000 people die each year in the U.S. as a result of not taking their prescribed medications