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Stopping the replication of HIV Last year in a clinical trial scien sts showed that this approach has the poten al to become a func onal cure for HIV. The key to its poten al is that it can target the reservoir of HIV viruses that “hide” inac ve within our cells. Current therapies suppress the virus in circula on by inhibi ng the forma on of new viruses, but they don't touch the reservoir. Once you stop, the virus comes back in 10-14 days. ABX464 is the first drug candidate ever shown to reduce the HIV reservoir. The drug, called ABX464, binds to a specific sequence in the RNA of the virus, inhibi ng its replica on. Shock and kill Another approach that is becoming popular in the fight against HIV also goes a er the hidden HIV reservoir. The “shock and kill” or “kick and kill” approach uses latency-reversing agents (LRAs) that ac vate or “kick” the latent HIV reservoir, making it possible for standard an retroviral therapy to “kill” these viruses. In 2016, a group of UK universi es reported promising results from one pa ent treated with this approach. A similar strategy using vaccine is currently being tested. One s mulates the produc on of an bodies that block the replica on of HIV, while the other a acks the reservoir. December 2018 21