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LEADING 1 10 PATIENT ENGAGEMENT EN The “ Shine a Light on Autism and Beyond Solution Providers 2018 more efficient and cost effective for the people who need it most. BI products provide patients and their doctors/clinicians with the solutions for understanding autism and behavior health needs. The benefits are similar to the ways X-rays and MRI’s have allowed patients to show medical doctors broken bones and tumors. NODA™ is Behavior Imaging’s evidence-based Autism diagnostic service platform that addresses many challenges hindering an earlier diagnosis. Behavior Imaging has led several National Institute of Health-funded research studies. The most recent study compared current in-person autism assessment practices with the NODA smartphone-based method. The research showed that the NODA method cut the average total time for an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) assessment in half – saving on average two months for families. Fostering Employees with Active Work Environment About the Perceptive Leader The CEO, Ron Oberleitner holds more than two decades of enriching executive management experience within the health industry including medical devices, telemedicine, and medical imaging solutions. His personal experience with autism and professional experience from the medical device, nonprofit, and research industries fuels a passion to help others by creating and expanding solutions for better diagnostic, assessment, and continuity of care for a variety of behavioral and mental health challenges. Besides, he brings an attitude of ‘why NOT our kids’ when it comes to using innovative technology to address difficult health conditions. Ron believes that an ideal leader in the health IT industry (be it telemedicine, digital therapeutics, or digital assessments) recognizes the current barriers and resist to change for disruptive patient engagement solutions. “This ideal leader works hard and tirelessly to overcome objections and demonstrate profound benefits through responsible research and compassion for both struggling patients and the well-meaning clinicians who serve them”, says Ron. Unrivaled Services of BI Behavior Imaging® works to take behavioral care beyond in-person assessment and treatment into a fully realized technological landscape. By using smart phones, video capture, and artificial intelligence, behavioral care becomes It is well said that, “Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.” BI precisely follows this concept, which can be observed from its distinctive approach. BI employees regularly receive outside training in areas relevant to their position, paid for by BI. They also have direct hands-on experience with colleagues with disabilities who perform special tasks for the company. BI emanates a culture of ‘family first, Behavior Imaging second’– which helps to attract and retain the right employees. Foreseeing a Bright Future Besides providing a well-equipped and advanced work surrounding to their employees, BI leaves no stone unturned to stay abreast of the industry requirements. According to BI, an ace patient engagement solution provider should leave patients and their families/caregivers feeling empowered to take an active role in care. BI also believes that, when families are concerned about their loved one’s health, patient engagement solutions should enable clinicians to fetch helpful information about their patients. Today, the healthcare market is waking up to the benefits of capturing health data as it’s happening and sharing it with knowledgeable doctors remotely to get earlier diagnosis and guidance on treatment. In the next few years, Behavior Imaging plans to integrate artificial intelligence to help clinical professionals make quicker and better-informed decisions as they assess behaviors and recommend treatments. December 2018 17