The 10 Leading Patient Engagement Solution Providers in 2018 Leading Patient Engagement small - Page 17

LEADING 1 10 PATIENT ENGAGEMENT EN The Solution Providers 2018 Company Name Management Brief Behavior Imaging® Ron Oberleitner CEO The company develops solutions to facilitate the observational, analytical and collaborative needs of behavioral healthcare and special education professionals. eHomeCare Hubert Van Dalen CEO eHomeCare connects smart care technologies solutions to complement other aged and healthcare services. EUPATI Matthew May Program Coordinator It is a pan-European program implemented as a public- private partnership by a collaborative multi-stakeholder consortium from the pharmaceutical industry, academia, not-for-profit, and patient organizations. GetWellNetwork Michael O’neil CEO GetWellNetwork acquires HealthLoop to provide the very best in digital patient engagement solutions for providers, patients and their families. Greenway Health Richard Atkin CEO Greenway Health provides software services to ambulatory healthcare practices, so that physicians can better run their businesses and care for their patients. Medisafe Omri Shor CEO & Co-founder Rotem Shor CTO & Co-founder Medisafe provides a state-of-the-art medication adherence platform to its users. MedSymphony Jamie Simmons Founder MedSymphony was created to empower physicians, health institutions as well as patients with a complete mobile health technology platform. Santovia Fiona Calnan CEO Santovia’s technology tackles major issues facing healthcare users and professionals, by delivering education and targeted surveys it facilitates shared decision making and better recovery for patients. SynsorMed Theo Harvey CEO Synsormed is transforming patient engagement with the telehealth and patient monitoring platform. UbiCare Betsy Weaver CEO UbiCare empowers hospitals to create efficiencies and reduce costs by engaging patients earlier in the care episode.