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than 40 specialties, which translates into more than 100 million lives that are touched by its solutions. An Engaged Patient Is a Happy, Healthy Patient Today more than ever, providers are experiencing increased burn out. They are often overwhelmed by hours of paperwork, revenue concerns, changing government regulations, leaving them with less time to truly focus on and care for patients. As such, Greenway partners with physicians and their teams, providing solutions that make their lives easier so they can get back to changing patients’ lives. The company has mastered the art in developing patient engagement tools that offer patients greater access to their health information. Greenway’s patient portal, for example, integrates with Greenway Patient Messaging for patient-provider engagement. The solution offers easy-to- use features, such as secure messaging and immediate views of health records, and also enables users to request, schedule, and receive appointment reminders. Greenway’s online patient portal also simplifies engagement requirements for Meaningful Use and value- based reimbursements. This is all done through simple, fast registration, secure messaging, and a view of an individual’s health record that meets view, download, transmit (VDT) measure. “ When caregivers receive proper support, they deliver better care. Our robust solutions assist in helping practices achieve success with value-based care