THC News February 2017 - Page 5

Hold-up on No decision from FSANZ until April N ew Zealanders hoping it will soon be legal to sell protein rich food products made from hemp seeds have learned they will have to wait until next year. A decision on whether hemp seeds can be sold in food products was due to be made in November but has been delayed until April 2017. Under current laws only hemp seed oil can be sold legally but other hemp seed foods cannot be sold for human consumption. Some retailers have used loopholes to sell hemp protein as non-food products but the industry is still overwhelmed by red-tape. FSANZ said it would now be discussed the proposal at a meeting of Australian and New Zealand food ministers, known as The Forum, in April. “The assessment has been delayed to enable resolution of technical aspects”, a spokesperson for FSANZ said. LUCRATIVE Legalisation of hemp seed food would add at least $4 million to New Zealand’s economy every year.