THC News February 2017 - Page 4

YOUR SAY I t will take some time for the full impact of what Rebecca Reider did earlier this year to translate into widespread action. There’s no doubt, though, that it set a precedent - one that established that the New Zealand government accept that cannabis is a medicine. That’s actually the very thing they didn’t want people to pick up on, of course. If they can stop the general population from figuring that 2+2=4, it doesn’t really matter that the test has been taken and the results are in. It’s government policy, as clear as day. They would not allow people to bring the herb into the country if they did not accept that it is legitimate medicine. To whatever extent synthetic drugs may be manufactured that mimic the effects of THC, no-one would regard those drugs as being medicinal. Similarly LSD, party pills, heroin etc. are non-medical. Those who back medical cannabis should in a sense support “the war on drugs” - providing the establishment agrees that CALIFORNIA: One of the states in the USA where medical cannabis is legal. And after a state-wide vote on November it’s set to be legal for recreational use. “cannabis is not a drug”. Cannabis is a plant, just like tobacco. Smoking one of them - the legal one, ironically - is extremely dangerous. To focus all the ignorance and fear of “drugs” onto cannabis means the plant that kills two-thirds of its deliberately addicted users gets a free pass. Officially frowned upon, but as is shown with Peter Dunne - a strange choice, surely, as “Associate Health Minister” - he is in the pocket of the tobacco companies and they are surely telling him to block cannabis in any way possible. Dunne would like to be seen as a friend to the medical cannabis lobby. Yeah, right. It will not be long before Australia legalises cannabis countrywide for medical reasons. That means any New Zealander can obtain cannabis legally in NSW, Victoria etc. and bring it back with them into the country.