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New Zealand's next Education Minister admits she's in favour of cannabis.

Nikki Kaye is to take the job in May, with her appointment having been delayed since the second half of last year when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The 36-year-old National MP has returned to work after undergoing treatment.

Though she has not revealed whether she used cannabis as part of her health treatment - the plant has been backed up by studies and personal anecdotes as having cancer-curing properties - she now says she's a fan.

Kaye said she had changed her view about medical cannabis since she was diagnosed with cancer.

She said her time undergoing treatment allowed her to re-evaluate health issues including the use of medical cannabis, according to Newshub.

"I think obviously for some people it's [medicinal cannabis] very important," said the Auckland Central MP.

"The reality is what I've learned from my treatment is everybody responds in different ways, so I think it is important we have a system whereby people can get access," she added.

Kaye said she was on the side of ensuring people were able to get the best pain relief available. She said she needed to look at the detail on access to products.

Medical cannabis products are currently approved on a case-by-case basis by the Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne.

Kaye told the broadcaster her diagnosis gave her a new perspective on life, the importance of exercise and rest, and the will to stay in politics.

"I felt I had unfinished business and I wanted to come back and make a significant difference," she added.

Kaye is back at work as the Associate Dducation Minister and is slated to take over from Hekia Parata as Education Minister from May 1.

That move was put in place within days of Bill English taking over as Prime Minister from John Key.

Kaye, who also has the Youth portfolio, supported English for the National Party leadership.

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