THC News December 2016 - Page 18

Q&A The Hemp & Cannabis News December 2016 ‘CANNABIS IS LIFE... CANNABIS IS TRUTH’ BRANDON STRONGE, CANNABIS PARTY CANDIDATE IN MT. ROSKILL BY-ELECTION MT. ROSKILL: First big test of NZ public opinion since Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President. THC: There’s a theory, Brandon, that we’re now living in a new era politically. Maybe New Zealand’s looking for its own anti-establishment figure like Trump - what’s your take on that? BS: I believe in being a bit like Trump, a realist over someone who’s just doing what they have to to be there. Trump got voted in because he was the right person for the job, in my opinion. I can see the whole world going that way, but there’s a lot of people who are still stuck in their ways and don’t see the bigger picture. THC: You clearly believe you’re right about medical cannabis being a good thing for New Zealand but how do you go about convincing people? BS: Do it like Trump, I believe, is the best policy - just be honest. Putin’s a great leader who’s not scared by the truth unlike the American administration has been. Someone like Trump, he may say some rash things that we don’t all agree with but he reads the room. That’s not something that a dishonest person would do, they’d be doing the things they think you want but secretely, behind the doors... One of the things we need to do, which I agree with Donald Trump about, is to get rid of lobbyists. Lobbying is bribing, that’s all it is - THC: It didn’t used to be, though, did it? But now it’s widely known that as you say, lobbying is basically giving as much money as is necessary to have some influence in government decisions.