That's Fresh October Issue - Page 8


How do you celebrate?

By Josiah Reiser

Halloween is a time for fun and a boat load of candy. Halloween traditions in-clude trick or treating, pumpkin carving, and maybe decorating your house (and eating candy of course). Halloween is a fun way to celebrate the harvest and the season of fall.

For christians the view on Halloween is controversial. For some it's con-sidered the "Devil's holiday" and is not celebrated. For others it's embraced fully. The Bible has plenty to say on the matter of witchcraft and of other such horrific evil. Yet Halloween can be celebrated without the use of horror. Halloween has good and pure aspects of it that can still make it fun for anyone regardless of their religious standings. Yet there is so much evil that has influenced this holiday. There is no right or wrong whether you celebrate it or not. The choice is yours, but I would encourage anyone who celebrates it to have fun without doing what you know is wrong and eat lots of candy (you should eat candy on Halloween whether you celebrate it or not. No excuses).

How Do You Celebrate?