That's Fresh October Issue - Page 13

2016 1st Presidental Debate

The 2016 presidential debate was not the cleanest of debates. Most of the time the two candidates were just fighting against each other. While Hillary Clinton seemed more focused on pointing out anything wrong she could find with Donald Trump, Donald Trump appeared more focused on addressing the solutions to the problems of America. The debates seemed to be rigged against Donald Trump. With each question Hillary Clinton had something to bash Donald Trump with. Donald Trump was more prepared to answer America's problems rather than his own. It was unfair for Donald Trump.

Most people would say Donald Trump is more of the bully, but in this debate it was Hillary Clinton who was the one being the meanest.

Overall the 2016 presidential debate was just a messy fight between the two candidates. It didn't seem to accomplish much for either candidate. I sure hope the next debate will be cleaner and accomplish more.

By Josiah Reiser