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Honestly, In my opinion, the moderator didn't even get a chance to get a word in edge wise because they kept interrupting him. I don't think either of them brought anything new to the table. Both canditates were very adimate in their offesive remarks towards each other. They each brough some good points, but also some irrelevant points. They both brought up things that were long past, such as when hillary brought up how Trump was for the Iraq war, even though he was a private citizen and had a right to his opinion. He couldn't have done anything about it, while Hillary was a politician at the time. She also brought up how he wouldn't hire African-Americans in the 1970s. Donald trump did not have a good response when hillary was talking about the Iran war. He was just saying "False, No, wrong" etc.. Overall I think this debate between Trump and Clinton was a repeat of statements and words that have been said before. It was a very heated and argumented debate that just brought more oppurtunity for degrading each others image.


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By Austin Hedman