That's Fresh October Issue - Page 11

Halloween Around

The World

In Japan, they celebrate the costume aspect of Halloween among teens and young adults in clubs, but trick or treating has not appeared yet.

In the Phillipines, Ocotber 30th Through November 2nd is spent mourning lost family members. The american traditions of Halloween are slowly making their way into this nation.

For the country of Dubai, Large hotels and Amus-ements celebrate Hallo-ween, though it is not a holiday throughout the country.

In Europe, almost every country celebrates this Holiday differently.

It is so interesting to see how everyone around the globe celebrates this one holiday so vastly different.

Many people are quick to think that just because a holiday is celebrated in Ameria, It's celebrated everywhere. But, that's not always true. Take Thanksgiving as an exam-ple - the pilgrims didn't go to each individual country! In America, Halloween is cele-brated with can-dy, Costumes, and Scary movies. In China something similar to Halloween is celbrated in mid-july, called Hungry Ghosts Festival where they float lanterns in honor of those who have passed. Disney Hong Kong does have the traditional Mickey's Halloween Party.

By: Madison Tucker