Texoma Living Well Magazine May/June 2018 - Page 6

FROM THE PUBLISHER TEXOMA AREA President & CEO Sam Houston Vice president & CFO Spring Houston Be Inspired Feature Writer, copy editor & social media director Sondra Barr Art Director, layout, Production & website design Lewis Schucart Advertising/Sales Texas | Denton County, Dallas County, Collin County Texas & Oklahoma | Texoma F or those of you opening our publication for the first time, welcome to LIVING WELL Magazine. To those of you who’ve been supporters of this publication from the beginning (nearly 12 years ago)––as a reader, advertiser, writer, or photographer––thank you and welcome back! Meanwhile, we’re excited to bring one of our favorite actresses to this issue. At 60 years old, Sharon Stone is still a Hollywood force to be reckoned with. Twenty-six years after she became a sex symbol and rose to international fame starring opposite Michael Douglas in the erot- ic thriller Basic Instinct, Stone’s re-emerged to once again intrigue fans with her beauty, charm, and smarts. At an age where many Hollywood ladies are looking to retire, Stone isn’t playing it safe. This year, she’s back in a big way. Not only does she appear in the new HBO miniseries Mosaic, she’s also the star of the recent movie All I Wish, where she plays a vivacious woman decades younger than her real age. At first glance, it’s not surprising that Stone scored a role previously slated for a woman in her thirties. After all, Stone is still stunning. But, what makes her comeback even more pro- found is that she was able to do it gFW"&V6fW&rg&7G&R@6W&V'&V'&vR&VB&WBB6FRFN( 2vBĕdrtT2&WB&Vr&RFfW&6R"Ч7F6W2vFFB֖BvRfFRRF6B&6B6F6WFPFW7BVFBvVW72Ww2W&^( 2rFR'F6W2&fFRPvFFR7&FFVBƖfRƗfVBvV66W&Vǒ6B7&rW7F`DU$TƗfrvVvRTR#u$DRDU2FVW2vRvVBƖRF6VPfVGW&VBFR6fW""vB7V&V7G2RvVBƖP6fW&VBW6֖rVFF2bĕdrtTvPB7&tƗfwvVr6Х7V'67&F27W7FW"V&W0ĕdrtTvP&#c#sFW2sS#`wwrƗfuvVr6ХS#BSrfSR#C#3 ĕdrtTvR26W&6Rf"VƗGVGV6F'F6W2ƗfrVFf'&@ƖfRW"f7W226V7FrW"&VFW'0vFFRFW7Bf&F7BbF70&VWfBFFV"WffrƖfRg&7WGFpVFvRVF6Ww2B&6VGW&W2FFFW f6VvBƖfW7GRf&F6ЦV7Fr&VFW'2FVFrVF6B'W6ЦW72&fW762FV"6VGFW0B( ĔRW2pf6V&6ƗfuvVptdrW2pƗfuvVw0GfW'F6VVG2F2vR&R6VB'F&B'FW2vRFB6G&"VF'6RVFW"FRGfW'F6VVG2"FV 6FVBgW'FW"vRFBVf7GW&R6VF7G&'WFR"&ЧfFRbFRvG2"6W'f6W2GfW'F6VBW&VvRW&V'W&W76ǒF66Ɩ&ƗGvF&W7V7BFFRf&F vG2B6W'f6W26FVBW&VvRgW'FW"F66琦Bv'&FW2"&W&W6VFF2W&W72"ƖVBvF&W7V7BF7V6f&FvG2"6W'f6W26VFr琧v'&GbW&6F&ƗG"fFW72f"'F7V"W'6PB&VrVFW'7FBFBvRFB6vVFvRFB琧7V6v'&GW7G2vR&RBƖ&R"&W76&Rf"琦72W'FvR"&FBR7VffW"2&W7V@bFRf&F6FVBGfW'F6VVB"vG0"6W'f6W26FVBW&V( v^( &VfW'2FFRRbF0vRBfW'62bƗfrvVvR6V vR2vV2W7F2bF2V&Ɨ6r2