Texoma Living Well Magazine May/June 2018 - Page 50

A Diabetic’s Checklist for Eye Health I Courtesy Key-Whitman Eye Center f you have diabetes or risk factors for the disease, your vision may be in jeopardy. So many diabet- ics don’t understand that diabetes increases the risk for a number of blinding diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, early cataracts and glau- coma. According to Key-Whitman Eye Cen- ter’s Plano eye doctor Faisal Haq, “The good news is that these eye conditions typically can be prevented and safely managed when diagnosed and moni- tored early on. Open communication between the patient and eye doctor, along with the patient’s primary care doctor or endocrinologist, is the key to protecting eye health.” If you or a family member has been diagnosed with diabetes, it is impera- tive to take proactive steps to ensure you have good eye health and prevent permanent vision loss. Here is a check- list that’s a place to start! No. 1: Be proactive in seeing your eye doctor. You can be at a higher risk for diabetes if you have a family history of diabe- tes or other risk factors such as: being overweight, not being physically active three or more times a week and you are of African-American, Hispanic, Ameri- can Indian or Alaska Native descent. Even if you have not been diagnoses with diabetes yet, but are at risk, plan to see an eye doctor at the following times: • Annually for a dilated eye exam. • Right away if experiencing frequent vision and/or prescription changes, blurry vision or signs of early cataracts (glare symptoms, such as difficulty driv- ing at night or in the sunlight) LXܙ[\K8'XX][KB[ۈ8$\HH\[ۈ[\^H™^H܈][\\8$\H[[[ۈ^YK\[]Y[\H܈XKB]\ˈ\\X]\HYY\][[]\HH]\[[š[H^YH[ \[[XY™\]Y[[\[^YY\\\ܚ\ B[ۜX]\HH[[ٝ[]\\˜H\Y8$܈\ܚ\[ۈ[B$\H\[ۈ[X[ܝ 'B[H]HY[Z\^YH܂][\H[Y\܈]\\[]HZ\Y\][XY \H\X[H۸&]\ܚXH]™\\܈XX]X[[Z\Y\][]HX[^Y []YX[]HY[XYۛY]XX]\[[YH[^YH܈]H[[Y\΂(H[X[K[\[\^YH܈Y\\›\\K(H\\XYH[\[X\H\H܂܈[ܚ[\ (HY]^HY[HXH[H\[ۂ[\X\\Y\[ۋXB\[ۋXX][\[ۋ\ܚ\[ۜ܂\H[\\ XH][]Y܈[H[Y Kˈ ۛ[YB[\[X\H\H\XX[܈[ܚ[\ Xܙ[H[Y\X[XX]\\BX][ۋ8'YH[H]\H KBX]\]H[\\Z[]^B[XY 8'H]\[[ۈ[\ B\وXX]\][Z\HYY[\H܈\][YN(H\[][ٝ[(HY[[\H\K(HY[[\H[ܞH8$][Y[B\HX][˂(H^[YH]YYKVPHTPH][[XY^[HPVKҕSH N(H\H\[ۋ(H]؜Z\\]\HX[ (HZY8$][Y[H\HX] B[[ܙH \H JK(H[[Z[܈\[B[ٙY] \H K[\^YH܈X^H[Y\H[HœY[H[\[Y[]H[X\B\H܈܈[ܚ[\ O‘^YHܜٝ[[ݙ\[\\قXX]\\[[^YH^[H][KBܙHH]Y[\Y[XYۛY]XX]\HH[X\H\H\XX[\\H^Z[8'\[B\Z[]H^YH^[KH™܈XX][ۜ[\ܚ\[ۜ]\X]ٝ[\X\Y\[XX]X]Y[[XX]Xœ][]KX\H[KB[ۈYۈوXX]\ˈ][]B\]]H[[ܜY\[]HۈH][H][KB]H܈\K[[[HXX[H[YY[[\B[[\\وH][H[[\\[H[]Y^YB^[H܈[XX[X\\HZBوH^YK'Bˈ Έ[[\[X\H\B܈܈[ܚ[\X]\[H[ZH][[ ܈X[YHXX]\[\[ۈ˂[\H[[\\قXX]X^YH\X\H[H]Y[ B[\Y\H]Y[YHHKBX\H\H\XX[܈[ܚ[B\Y]^Hܚۈ][š[[ؚ[LP][ۋ8'B]\]Y[۝Z\XX]\H\Z[H^H\H]H؋B[\܈^\Y[H\[ۈX[\YHX\H]\XXKB]X][]H܈]XXK8'H\H^\