Texoma Living Well Magazine May/June 2018 - Page 31

is not into yoga but wants to learn how to stretch properly, boutique studios are filling the gap by offering stretch classes and private sessions. Summer season: Take advantage of the sea- son and/or if you live in the tropics or are on vacation and stretch outdoors or in front of the ocean, a lake, creek, or a beautiful mountain. Just remember with static stretch- ing to make sure the muscles are warmed up to decrease muscle stiffness. Are you going too far? Practicing static stretching should not hurt or make you feel pain. The “ouch” that you might feel should be a mild discom- fort or tightness, but not pain. Remember that stretching elongates muscle fibers. In- hale, exhale, and don’t restrict breathing. Stretching is about increasing flexibility and balance. To get the most benefits, a person should do it regularly and make it part of their weekly routine. Julie Alvira, MD, MBA, is the owner of Coach Dr. Julie, LLC. www.coachdrjulie.com. Julie helps clients in recovery get unstuck in their eating and physical exercise habits. She’s a certified master health and wellness coach, certified addictions recovery coach, and a certified advanced clinical interventionist. Contact her at julie@coachdrjulie.com for a virtual or face-to-face session at her office. My Cancer Concierge Providing Guidance In “All Things Cancer” Health-Sync 214-546-2215 www.health-sync.net TINA WITHROW CANCER NAVIGATOR AND ADVOCATE TEXOMA AREA Living Well Magazine | MAY/JUNE 2018 31