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FashionLondon style Style in Motion Reinventing fashions’ favourite Denim has been one of the key trends for ss15. A global favourite fabric for clothing for hundreds of years denim was originally invented back in 1871 as hard-wearing work wear for cowboys and miners. Jeans are probably the most durable and versatile item of clothing in most of our wardrobes. However, denim has come a long way since the late 19th century both in terms of durability and particularly in terms of style. As it is no longer just hard-wearing work wear, there are now many styles and fits to choose from, so we can fashion our denim as we so desire. Martin Schneider - Head Menswear Buyer at Accent commented; “In the last 30 years things have moved on significantly. We’ve seriously moved on from the days where you had to sit in a bath with your jeans on for those ‘shrink to fit’ raw denim jeans that you had to wear in yourself. In those days you had one pair of jeans that you would wear until they had worn out; replacing them with a new pair once they were done. Now everybody has several pairs of jeans, people neither need or want to wear out a pair of jeans anymore.” Technological development has advanced the choice in terms of style of denim jeans. It has gone as far as creating jeans that make us slimmer! Replay jeans launched revolutionary Hyperflex last year. The Hyperflex jeans are made from super stretchy denim, whilst still looking like a normal pair of jeans. Technology has also strengthened our favourite fabric. Cotton Inc, the international manufacturing company that drives new ideas, new technologies and ways to make well known items better and more desirable recently introduced STORM DENIM technology providing waterrepellent protection from the cold and damp while still looking like a pair of jeans. With a focus on sustainability in fabric production we now have jeans that are waterproof and longer lasting. by Abi Adesoun Denim is clearly becoming more durable and more versatile in style meaning denim fashion will last even longer and never fail to provide us with fun fashion choices. FashionLondon 62