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FashionLondon aid Jeans for Genes Denim Bag Taking part in Jeans for Genes Day Jeans for Genes Day 2015: When ‘dress down Friday’ does something amazing! Seven year old Eleri can get her plate from the kitchen cupboard, give her dog a biscuit, and sit with her school friends at story-time. Nothing out of the ordinary there you may think, but Eleri has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a genetic disorder which affects her muscles, making mobility extremely difficult. Eleri can do things such as these that many of us take for granted thanks to her state-of-the-art wheelchair. This new piece of technology was bought using funds raised by thousands of people wearing their jeans to work and school. This is how Jeans for Genes Day transforms lives. by Kerry Law There are between 4,000 and 6,000 diagnosed genetic disorders in the UK. Sadly, it has been estimated that one in 25 children is affected by a genetic disorder, which amounts to 30,000 babies and children newly diagnosed in the UK each year. Although, individually, genetic disorders are rare, together they are the biggest killer of children 14 and under in this country. And where children do survive, life can turn out to be incredibly tough. But this September you can help as Jeans for Genes Day is back! By wearing your jeans to work on Friday 18th you’ll be making life a little bit (or a lot!) better for those with genetic disorders, as well as their FashionLondon 56 families and carers. The money raised on Jeans for Genes Day funds a range of initiatives run by the charity Genetic Disorders UK and several specialist charities. This work includes placing clinical nurse specialists with families; providing specialist equipment for those with mobility, speech or learning difficulties; organising multi-sensory theatre sessions for those with complex disabilities; plus help, advice and support for families, including much needed outings and breaks. Emma Bunton Who would have thought that the fashion move of pulling on your favourite denims could lead to something so brilliant? But what