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FashionLondon EDIT “The job is what I do, it’s not who I am. It never has been and so I feel like I do have somewhat of a jewelled existence in some way. I’ve always managed to see acting as a very magical job that I’m very lucky to do,” says Blunt of her prolific career. At just 32, the London born actress has become one of Hollywood’s most sought after and dazzling stars. An achievement for anyone but especially so considering she had to overcome a severe stutter when she was younger, something which ultimately had a positive impact on her life: “My interest in acting probably grew out of that fact that I had a really bad speech impediment as a child, so I used to do impressions all the time, mimicking family members or teachers. I found whenever I did a silly voice, I could speak more fluently,” she explains. “I had a teacher who saw that and encouraged me to take acting lessons and that helped even more. There was something quite liberating about being able to throw yourself into another character, not having to worry about whatever was going to come out of your mouth next…” And thank goodness she did, from playing a young Queen Victoria to taking on action roles in Edge of Tomorrow and new film Sicaro (Mexican slang for ‘hitman’) in which she plays an FBI agent, she has proven herself to be one of Hollywood’s most versatile and coveted stars. But it was 2006’s The Devil wears Prada with which she is most famously associated, a role which earnt her Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for Best Supporting Actress and made her a darling of the fashion world. In the film she portrays the neurotic and fashion-obsessed Emily, a faithful assistant to evil magazine editor Miranda Priestly, the impossible-to-please ice queen played by Meryl Steep. The film’s costume designer was revered Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field, who thanks to her extensive contacts list was able to borrow over $1million’s worth of clothes despite only having a budget of $100,000. Blunt’s high fashion looks, featuring plenty of leather, chained belts, statement necklaces and cinched waists, were mostly from legendary British designer Vivienne Westwood. In real life though, Blunt is perhaps more like Anne Hathaway’s character Andy, who takes a more laidback attitude to fashion; When asked of the main drawback to celebrity life, she even went so far as to say: “It’s not celebrity per se, but it’s a fact that as an actress you’re always expected to look perfect, wear the latest design, and always look your best. Sometimes you want to wear a T-shirt and jeans when you go to the grocery store or to a café and read a book or magazine.” Still, when it comes to being in the spotlight at awards shows or movie premiere red carpets, Emily usually makes the Best Dressed lists for her trademark mix of old Hollywood glamour with a strong British influence. With her flawless complexion, cat-like eyes and full lips it was to no one’s surprise when in 2011 she was chosen as the face of FashionLondon 53