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FashionLondon Aid by Kerry Law Sustainable Fashion Lean Dean by Nudie Jeans Want to avoid unethical jeans? Don’t go nude – go Nudie! Like many forms of ‘fast fashion’, cheap jeans come at a price. The worldwide demand for denim eats up a sizeable 17% of all cotton production – and mass produced cotton consumes vast quantities of water and chemical pesticides. The production of denim is also an issue – many of the jeans on sale in the UK today are manufactured in poor working conditions overseas. the production of their jeans works in a safe, fair and ethical environment. Sustainable fashion doesn’t stop at the production stage, and this brand has totally bought into the mantra of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. Once you’ve bought a pair of Nudie Jeans you’re entitled to free repairs – drop in to their repair shops in the Shoreditch and Soho branches, or request their free DIY repair kit. And if you ever wanted to part with your pair of Nudies, you can drop them off at their London stores where they will be sold on as second-hand. You get rewarded with 20% off a new pair. If your jeans are beyond repair or reuse, Nudie experiment with recycling denim. They’ve transformed worn-out jeans into brand new pairs, have reupholstered chairs, and produced a recycled denim rug currently on sale online. However, there is an alternative choice. Emerging independent brands are producing the ‘ethical jean’ ensuring that guilt-free jeans are still innovative, stylish and superbly crafted. One such brand is the UK’s Nudie Jeans. This cool company reports on the origination and organic contents of every pair of jeans they sell. As members of the Fair Wear Foundation, Nudie Jeans don’t believe in profit over people: they ensure that everyone involved in Alongside their own stores, Nudie Jeans are also stocked in Urban Outfitters, Selfridges and Liberty – see online for full store and stockist info, more about jeans fitting and care advice, plus their online store at www.nudiejeans. com Nudie slim fit jeans, £130 from Selfridges FashionLondon 46 Thanks to brands like Nudie, there’s now no excuse not to ditch the dodgy denim!