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FashionLondon style STYLE SPOTTING Photography by Jose Tio is for Jose in Peru! In honour of our global social media fans, Fashion London takes a look at style on the streets away from London and as far as Peru! Our photographer Jose gives readers an insight into the streets of the country he originates from to see how our fashion friends around the world are styling their clothes… 1 2 1. Paola: 3 Fashion is “feeling comfortable with myself. You will be unique.’’ 2. Yena: Fashion is “the way that I show myself ’.’’ 3. Agustin: Fashion is “trend, sign of the times.” 4. Jeannen and Ria: Fashion is “a universal language. Various cultures combine in an eclectic manner. This unifies people’s culture, self-expression, and personal identities. Fashion breaks boundaries.’’ 4 Fashion is ‘’an expression of culture. It portrays values, attitudes, personalities and preferences. Most importantly fashion enables each person to be unique and confident.’’ 5 5. Rony: Fashion is “….I don’t know.’’ 6. Cirilo: Fashion is “all the news in every season for all the people.’’ 7. Toni: Fashion is “the way you show to others.’’ 8. Victor: Fashion is “part of the life.’’ 6 7 FashionLondon 44 8