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FashionLondon promotion Fashion in the 1. Izitu For autumn interior elegance and beauty in the home and office take a look at Izitu, a brand which offers an alternative design for modern living.  Pictured is just one of a range of unusual artistic directors chairs. www.izitu.co.uk 1 2 home 2. HOMES OF ELEGANCE: Decoration Archive Merchant Cushion. This sumptuous cushion is a great home accessory to create a contemporary look. Featuring a striking ikat print on velvet by designer Andrew Martin. This feather filled cushion will bring a touch of luxury to your home. £39 www.homesofelegance.co.uk 3 3. ROKOS: This vase takes on the behaviour of the flower. It ‘wilts’ as the flower drinks the water, indicating that it needs watering. Unlike any other vase, the Gauge will spring back up if knocked over. Mouth-blown in crystal. www.rokos.co.uk 4. JIMMIE MARTIN: Jimmie Martins furniture consists of sophisticated pieces combined with a sexy, modern design element. Their awardwinning custom made pieces are notorious for attracting celebrity clientele from the likes of Madonna, Rita Ora, The Prodigy, and Liam Gallagher to name a few. www.jimmiemartin.com 4 5 6 7 5.ROOT CANDLES: Root Candles, a 147 year old bee keeping company produces candles of the highest quality. Using a beeswax blend, fragranced with essential oils and coloured with vegetable dyes ensures a cleaner burn and lasting fragrances. Root is the natural choice. 01484 850059 office@rootcandles.co.uk www.rootcandles.co.uk 6. HOMES OF ELEGANCE: Decoration Archive Two Seater Franklin Sofa. This contemporary block style fabric sofa is a great piece for small spaces. Fully upholstered with a top quality grey fabric, it’s a simple, versatile staple for any space. £995 www.homesofelegance.co.uk 7. OHPOPSI: This stunning feature wall mural is from ohpopsi, offering thousands of stunning feature wallpaper designs. Each mural is made to your exact measurements. All murals are printed in the UK. Their easy to use website makes ordering simple. www.ohpopsi.com FashionLondon 42 Image John R Ward