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FashionLondon economy Part of the men’s main range at Marks & Spencer VALENTINO wide leg jeans at Farfetch £515 STELLA MCCARTNEY polka dot boyfriend jeans, £410 from Farfetch men and women is Diesel retailing at around £150 for a pair (their range sells at £90 to over £200). A quick scroll through Farfetch (the UK’s biggest seller of luxury denim) reveals even more statement jeans: polka dot tomboy jeans by Stella McCartney for £410, wide legged jeans by Valentino for £515, and some rare imported patchwork skinny jeans by Greg Lauren for an eye-watering £991! But is the fashion industry losing a little perspective regarding this piece of leisure wear? While the global denim market is set to grow, topping $122 billion by 2016, it seems that shoppers are less willing to spend such huge amounts on the humble jean… Earlier this year, analysts Editd looked at the Marks and Spencer limited edition, £35 Patchwork skinny jeans by Greg Lauren, £991 from FarFetch whole denim market – a whopping 150,000 denim products including skirts, shirts, jackets but, of course, predominantly jeans which still make up over three-quarters of the market. Editd’s report, Denim Retail in 2015, found that the premium and luxury denim market has slumped by 24%. The report analysed retail data of denim products from low to high-end in 2014 and saw that the balance was tipping in favour of the cheaper end of the market. Sales of value and mass-produced denim had rocketed by 52% and 29% respectively. Almost every high-street store has a jeans line nowadays – TopShop, Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser and Debenhams lines all sell well. But ASOS is the value jeans market FashionLondon 41 New Look jeans leader selling their own line of styles for £35-£40 but also stocking jeans for under £50 from New Look, Warehouse and River Island. With the mass market so good at replicating trends we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to style and fit. Lower prices mean we can afford to fill our wardrobes with skinnies, relaxed fits, flares, straight or wide legged, slim fits and more creating a pair of jeans for any occasion. For what has been used globally as a pair of miner’s work trousers, it could be argued that the designer price-tags attached to the artfully placed rips and tears never did make logical sense. Jacob Davis would be pleased – it looks like we’ve come full circle with the simple jean returning to the masses.