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Post Discharge Transition Program (Roberts House and Hamilton House) The Post Discharge Transition Program provides individuals who have a severe and persistent mental illness and who are transitioning from the hospital to the community with an alternative level of supported housing. Often they have not been able to meet the criteria for living in other supported housing. While the transition goal is six months, accommodations can be made for up to one year, particularly in Roberts House. Individuals are able to have a period of stabilization of their symptoms and illness in a community integrated setting, which prevents their re-hospitalization. The program allows clients to demonstrate a period of successful community living, while at the same time establishing linkages to community supports and resources and developing their skills. Through the partnership with Alberta Health Services (access to nurse and psychiatrist) and referrals to other supports, clients are provided seamless access to services from hospital through to stable community living. Roberts House opened up for service in September 2012. In 2012-2013: also seen clients build supportive friendships. Although success is often seen in baby steps, she has seen great improvement in clients. One of the greatest successes was seeing two clients move into more independent housing. “If they can improve independent living skills – cooking, cleaning, hygiene, learn transit routes, maybe looking for employment, getting financial assistance – then they can live on their own,” Noelle says. “That’s the ultimate goal: that people can live independently after this.” ROBERTS HOUSE 15 54 3 45 individuals were admitted community referrals were made groups organized group sessions 71% HAMILTON HOUSE 25 99 4 129 individuals were admitted community referrals were made groups sessions were held of clients transitioned to a suitable housing situation, including their own apartment, an approved home, CMHA Supportive Living, etc. Annual Report to the Community 2012-2013 9