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A Message from the President and Executive Director Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region has been providing community based support for Calgarians with mental health issues since 1955. While our programs and services have adapted to the society we serve, what has not changed is our dedication to ensuring the people we serve have access to the highest-quality community based support for mental health. A s Calgary grows and changes, we have seen an increased need for mental health services, resulting in an increased demand for our community based programs. We also see a need to explore increased collaboration with other community partners to provide more services and supports in partnership. Mental health affects us all According to Health Canada, at least one in five of us will experience a mental disorder in our lifetime, and many struggle with mental health every day. Increasingly we are looking for new solutions to manage mental health and CMHA - Calgary is part of the solution. Client is at the centre Our 12 core programs with many sub-programs have continued to be the focus of our agency. From providing street outreach and stabilization, to supportive living, to counselling for families dealing with mental health issues, our programs serve a broad client base, and provide an integral part of the client’s support network, whatever their mental health needs are. With the addition of Roberts House, more Calgarians leaving hospital will have an easier transition into the community. With the launch of our Workplace Mental Health program, employers and employees will receive more support dealing with mental health issues in the workplace. Our Continuing Connections program has expanded and is now available at four long-term care facilities in the city. We know we make an impact – we see it every day with the clients we work with, the staff who have immense passion for their work, and tireless volunteers who offer their time to our agency. This year we were able to launch a new database to ensure we are keeping track and monitoring our impact constantly. We also launched our inaugural public opinion survey to understand Calgarians’ attitudes toward their mental health, and we made the decision to pursue accreditation for our programs. Collaboration is key Canadian Mental Health Association has been a leader in delivering community based mental health services for 58 years. We continue to focus on community partnerships and collaborations to deliver the most relevant, most effective services to our clients. In 20122013 we partnered with nearly 70 agencies to provide wrap-around care to our clients. Thank you to our staff, volunteers, board of directors, investors, community partners and clients for a year of making a difference and helping to provide excellence in service for mental health. Barbara Tate, President & Laureen MacNeil, Executive Director Annual Report to the Community 2012-2013 3