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Advocacy Social change, politics and advocacy have always been a personal interest for Callum Ross, CMHA – Calgary’s Advocacy Coordinator. After graduating with a degree in sociology and politics, Ross worked with a crisis response centre in the United Kingdom. He moved to Canada in 2011 before joining CMHA in May 2012. “I really like social action, I have always been drawn to advocacy, and I just know how much better life can be for people,” Callum says. “I’m really passionate about poverty reduction and mental illness can be a big part of poverty.” Callum says he supports people in the mental health community who have no other connection to the mental health world. Advocacy is the only mental health community program that has no requirements or forms to fill out to access. 20 C a n a d i a n M e n t a l H e a l t h A s s o c i a t i o n – C a l g a r y R e g i o n “Sometimes people need a voice, and that’s what advocacy does – we help give people a voice,” Callum explains. “We also try to reduce their worry of trying to manoeuvre the mental health system.”