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Workplace Mental Health Increasingly Important It’s been less than a year since CMHA – Calgary got serious about relaunching a Workplace Mental Health program, but it’s already proving its place in Calgary and even across Alberta. Last May, Morgan Craig-Broadwith was brought on board from CMHA’s Grand River Branch in June 2012 as Workplace Mental Health Manager. The goal was to re-develop and re-launch an initial workplace mental health program that had been rolled in the early 2000s, but became less of a focus in 2009. “We saw the opportunity and the need in 2012, and realized it was time to revitalize what had already been developed a number of years ago,” Morgan says. “We wanted to not only resurrect it, but improve it. And that’s exactly what we did.” Under the business direction of Matthew Hanrahan and support of the senior leadership team, Morgan led the official launch of the Workplace Mental Health program with the first annual Bottom Line Conference – Calgary Perspective in February 2012. The sold-out conference saw 200 business professionals gather at the Metropolitan Conference Centre in Calgary to learn about the huge significance of workplace mental health and the positive effects of a psychologically safe and healthy environment on their employees and bottom line. The inaugural event ran as a satellite conference to the tenth annual national event held in Vancouver. “There is more than just a curiosity now; there is an understanding that employers and senior leaders need to 18 C a n a d i a n M e n t a l H e a l t h A s s o c i a t i o n – C a l g a r y R e g i o n look at this as an important issue and implement quality standards and procedure before the crisis point,” Morgan says. The Workplace Mental Health program includes workplace presentations for all levels of staff, quarterly learning events, e-learning tools and award-winning and internationally recognized Mental Health Works™ product tools. Morgan is the first CMHA – Calgary employee to become an official Mental Health Works™ trainer. She says our program complements what is already available for workplaces and is strengthened through partnerships with other organizations.