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Family Support The Family Support Program provides counselling, drop-in peer support group, Capable Carers psycho-educational group and telephone/e-mail support and referrals to family members of those with a mental disorder. In 2012-2013: 24 sessions of Capable Carers held 251 calls, emails or dropin individuals received support, information or referrals 82% This variety in approach and service delivery allows us to reach the largest audience, matching the programming to various comfort levels and needs for those seeking support. 397 total participants in drop-in peer support groups 94 clients received one-on-one, couple or family counseling and information of survey respondents reported that the services they received helped them to deal more effectively with their issues/concerns Suicide Bereavement The Suicide Bereavement program provides specialized assistance to individuals who have experienced a loss by suicide. Grief from a suicide of someone close is often complicated, so the support offered addresses these unique situations. The program offers counselling for individuals and families, psycho-educational support groups and individual and group peer support that assist In 2012-2013: 62 26 97% clients received one-on-one counselling clients in their grief journey. Educational presentations and debriefings are also available to professionals and community groups. Survivors of Suici