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Mental Health Education Each year, our knowledgeable staff and volunteers present to over 20,000 individuals in Calgary junior high and high school classrooms, post-secondary institutions, community organizations, corporations and groups. Education provided is current, evidence-based information regarding suicide awareness, stress and mental illness and stigma. The Mental Illness and Stigma presentation focuses on the importance of early intervention, the difficulties associated with public misconceptions about mental illness while promoting awareness of mental illness and encouraging help-seeking by reducing stigma and providing 23,696 In 2012-2013: 771 individuals participated in presentations (an increase of 1,619 from last year) presentations were delivered, an increase of 36 from last year 100% reported they are more aware of resources available 16 C a n a d i a n M e n t a l H e a l t h A s s o c i a t i o n – C a l g a r y R e g i o n information of appropriate resources. The Stress Management presentation promotes self-awareness, early recognition of stress and teaches healthy coping strategies to manage stress. The Suicide Awareness presentation helps individuals gain an understanding of the complex issues surrounding suicide by increasing their knowledge of warning signs of suicide, age appropriate ways to offer support to someone at risk for suicide and how and where to access help. 53 15 junior and senior high schools received presentations community agencies, corporations and postsecondary institutions received presentations 100% of survey respondents who attended the mental illness and stigma presentation reported they have a better understanding of mental illness