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Continuing Connections Volunteer Profile: Whitney Alpaugh Whitney Alpaugh started volunteering for CMHA – Calgary Region’s Continuing Connections program two-anda-half years ago after moving to Calgary to study at the University of Calgary. The PhD student is presently studying reproductive and regenerative medicine; however, her interest in the medical field first began in mental health. “I think I always was interested in mental health,” Whitney says. “In the fourth grade, we had a project to dress up as the person we wanted to be and made presentations, and I chose Sigmund Freud. I have no idea of how I even knew who that was. That’s kind of where it started — I was always interested in it.” Although she eventually chose to not pursue psychology as her career, Whitney says volunteering in mental health and mental health awareness is still very important to her. “I go to school full time, so I can’t do something all the time, every day, but I still think it’s important to do what you can,” she says. After being placed as a volunteer in the Continuing Connections program, Whitney was paired with a woman who is a resident in long term care. Whitney spends about an hour with the woman each week doing activities such as reading, painting her nails or going walks outsid H[