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Peer Options The Peer Options Program provides a safe place to share with other adults who have a lived experience with a mental disorder and are now wellness and recovery focused. Together participants learn the value and skills of building healthy friendships, the ability to develop peer support networks and transition to the community. Clients start with the 9-week Art of Friendship and transition into the Circle of Friends drop-in group. Peer Options Program staff conduct transition investment sessions with participants to discuss commitment and personal learning goals. Staff also assist participants to transition to the Circle of Friends, an ongoing peer support group for additional skill In 2012-2013: 246 84% adults participated in workshops, peer support groups, mentorship and weekly socialization activities 82.5% of participants surveyed said their involvement in Circle of Friends helped decrease their isolation enhancement, or to set goals to transition to other community programs and identify ways to achieve these goals. Many graduates of the program give back to the mental health community. As peer support volunteers, they offer inspiration, understanding and mentorship. 117 new clients signed up of participants surveyed said the Art of Friendship helped them discover different ways to develop healthy friendships Leisure and Recreation The Leisure Recreation program contributes to client wellness and community integration by providing the means for adults with mental disorders to participate and learn interpersonal skills within the structure of social/ recreational activities. Benefits of the Leisure Recreation program include: increased opportunities for socialization and building community networks, physical and mental health enhancement, increased recreational skills and activity interests, promotion and involvement in leadership opportunities and the opportunity to travel outside of Calgary. Participating in activities with others boosts self esteem, builds confidence, promotes recovery and above all, provides a safe, empowering venue for clients to have fun. The Leisure Recreation program provides a graduated activity approach to meet and further promote client safety, ability and comfort. Levels for various activities include starter, mid-range and experienced, and all activities are facilitated in a group format. Movement between these groups is fluid and is based on goals set by the individuals as well as the evaluation of the Leisure Recreation Coordinators. In 2012-2013: 170 87% clients participated in the program of clients surveyed reported improvements in their wellness since they began the program 87% community 149 activities/group sessions took place reported they feel more connected to the 84% reported their social/ relationship skills have increased through participation in the program A n n u a l R e p o r t t o t h e C o m m u n i t y 2 0 1 2 - 2 0 1 3 13