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Independent Living Support Staff in the Independent Living Support (ILS) program deliver supportive, skill building services to people who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder that affects their ability to live independently. With the support and guidance of coordinators, clients establish individualized goals related to skill development (personal care, cooking, shopping, budgeting, etc.) and work toward attaining these goals. Through workshops such as Skills for Life, Pro-Active You and Money Matters, ILS coordinators assist clients in developing skills to enhance daily living, social and occupational needs and provide guidance as they set and meet goals, which help them move toward a more independent life. An ILS sports group for young adults launched last spring promotes social interaction and was met with great success. CMHA CLIENT: “ The ILS program has completely changed my life. I learned how to manage my anxiety, depression better. My ILS workers were always very helpful and helped me to achieve my goals throughout my time there. I learned about many programs and services that I wouldn’t have learned about and use them to greatly improve my life.” In 2012-2013: 84 workshops and group sessions were held 422 clients received care (an increase of 40 from last year) 100% 92% of clients surveyed reported they had made progress in some areas of their life because of the program reported their ability to function independently had increased 12 C a n a d i a n M e n t a l H e a l t h A s s o c i a t i o n – C a l g a r y R e g i o n 72% of clients increased or maintained their scores on the Goal Attainment Scale