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The Official On-line Publication of The Quantum Academy Second Semester SY 2013-2014 Emerald and Crimson Houses rule Battle of the Brains Roma Therese T. Bartolome A mong the four houses, the Battle of the Brains (BOB) grand finals is the most anticipated event of the entire school year - for this might make or break a certain house’s standing or lead over the rest. This said event was held at the covered court on the 21st of February, Friday and both the Emerald and Crimson houses ruled the neophytes and masters rounds. The BOB finalists were determined through the number of wins in the elimination rounds given at least once a month for grade 1-10 students. “Battle of the Brains” is an activity that gives each student a chance to showcase their brainpower,” said T. Dealson Bagorio, the committee head of the event. The grand finals had two categories: Group A which was composed of Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - the NEOPHYTES; and Group B which was consisted of Grades 6, 7, 8A, 8B, 9 and 10 students - the MASTERS. In all, there were 5 NEOPHYTES contestants and 6 MASTERS contestants in each house. “I felt happy when they announced that we won. Prayer was our weapon in order to win. Teamwork was our key to succeed,” remarked Chaezie Chariz C. Cabel, a participant from the Emerald Neophytes group. Emerald House won in the Neophytes group while the Crimson House bagged the Masters round. The Emerald Neophytes group was composed of Romeo Donn Lloyd V. Palacat, Johanna Dannae S. Canonero, Red G. Ruiz, Chaezie Chariz C. Cabel, and Jose Diego Felix A. Manubay. On the other hand, the Crimson Masters group was a power team with Jehoash Prim Amaza, Inigo Benigno T. Aquino, Aeron Jan O. Sanidad, Pomeleigh May G. Salangsang, Ma. Jayna Koleen F. Omila, and Charles Andre D. Nanola. “This is the Quantum greatest event of the year. I felt like a lame person being able to walk,” uttered Inigo Aquino, a contestant from the Crimson House who was also this year’s Masters Rounds’ champion. OPTICS / FLEDGLINGS 2014 I 1