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Trend 2 ~ General Manufacturing Skills: Certain skills that employers expect employees to have to work in the Manufacturing Industry. (Note: Also see Entry Level Skills and Attributes for Entry Level Workers page 21) Necessary Skills and Knowledge Ability to measure/inspect hardware Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Basic understanding of computer programming Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Operation Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining Drafting Engineering drawing/reading Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Manufacturing Process Experience (hands on labs) Math Problem solving Robotic Operations /Set Up/Maintenance Soft Skills Spreadsheet Proficiency (i.e. Excel) Units Conversions Welding Prediction: Although robotics, automation, and data processing will continue to drive the future of manufacturing; having tradespeople with specialized tool and die skills will never completely be removed. Copyright 2016 North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. ~ All rights reserved. 6