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Autonomous Logistics Factory Vehicles - Autonomous logistics describes systems that provide unmanned, autonomous transfer of equipment, baggage, people, information or resources from point-to-point with minimal intervention. Basic Computer Skills - "Basic computer skills" is a term that is used to identify the essential skills needed in order to make use of a computer. The scope of skills that are considered basic will vary from one situation to another. For example, one employer may consider the ability to make use of a specific type of word processing software to be among the basic skills required, while a different employer will place more emphasis on the ability to work with electronic spreadsheets. Trade schools and some colleges offer courses that introduce students to basic computer skills most commonly required by employers, making it easy to secure the knowledge needed to identify and hone these skills. As a basis for making use of a computer, basic computer skills will often start with understanding how a particular operating system functions in terms of the creation and placement of taskbars on the computer desktop, how to make use of a computer mouse to utilize the programs housed on the hard drive, and even how to go about using an email program to create, send, and receive emails. Tasks such as searching for files on a hard drive are often also considered basic skills that any user should know and be able to perform with relative ease. In some cases, training in how to conduct searches using an Internet browser will also come under the heading of basic operational skills, especially if the job position requires frequent research. Basic Finance Skills - Basic skills in finance begin with knowledge in math and include areas of cash management which includes counting and handling money, bookkeeping, including understanding financial reports, budgets, balance sheets and income statements. Often, basic finance includes finding ways to reduce costs. Basic Leadership Skills - There are characteristics of a good leader and skills of a good leader both of which can be developed and strengthened. Leaders have the ability to get others to do what needs to be done, not because they are told but because they are led to want to do it. Leadership Characteristics may include: exemplary character; enthusiasm about their work or cause; confidence in one self; functions in an orderly and purposeful manner in times of uncertainty; keeps the main goal in focus and thinks analytically; committed to excellence. In any business, exceptional leadership skills are needed in order to succeed. Leadership means understanding that you don’t have to come up with ideas yourself – you can also nurture growth and innovation in others that will benefit everyone. The right leadership skills are essential in order to reach your goals and may include: Adaptability - reacting in an effective manner to shifting circumstances in your business environment; People Skills - genuinely connecting with those you work with and who work for you.; Self Awareness - of how they’re perceived by others or how they impact the behavior of others are more likely to succeed than those who aren’t self aware; Decisiveness - an exercise in good judgment, affording well-informed, fast and sound decisions ; Purposefulness - a vision to set its direction ; Collaborative Skills- working together internally and externally; Innovate and Execute - exchange of innovative ideas to achieve goals. Basic Math/Geometry - Proven understanding of the basics of mathematics which includes comprehension at the levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra and geometry. OSHA 10 type training - OSHA 10 is an outreach and voluntary training program provided by Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA), United States Department of Labor. It provides 10 hours of training to the workers and employees touching on appreciation, prevention, avoidance and reduction of safety and health hazards in the workplace. It also enriches the workers knowledge on their rights, employer responsibilities and procedures for complaints and suggestions. OSHA 10 does not meet training requirements for any OSHA standard. Basic Tablet Skills - Tablet usage can include mastering using email, using Skype to video chat, photo editing, setting up your Smartphone, transferring images from your phone to your computer or using Microsoft Wor B