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Workplace Basic Skills and Attributes for Baseline Job Preparation Continued Leadership Ability to guide, support, mentor, encourage and influence others, passing on knowledge, expertise and training where possible Multi-tasking Ability to handle multiple tasks and assignments simultaneously by setting priorities and managing work flow under varying deadlines Numerical and Arithmetic Application Oral Communication Skill in imposing order and ranking to materials, concepts, and tasks to efficiently manage and balance all types of workplace and personal situations Ability to continuously improve work, monitor progress, and persist in successfully achieving results and goals regardless of obstacles encountered Organization Perseverance Pride in Work Problem-solving Professionalism Resource Allocation Stress Management Teamwork Technology and Tool Usage Thoughtful Reflection Time Management Work Ethic Written Communication Skill in compiling data, using numbers in various formats, and performing job-appropriate numbers-based problem-solving Skill in expressing ideas and messages to others in a clear, concise and effective manner, including explaining and justifying actions convincingly Ability to take personal ownership over the amount and quality of individual performance, team assignments and other duties carried out Skill in evaluating systems and operations, identifying the causes of problems, patterns or issues, and in exploring workable solutions or remedies to improve situations Ability to dress appropriately, speak politely, and conduct ones’ self in a manner appropriate for the profession and work site Knowledge of how to identify, leverage and distribute financial and material resources effectively and efficiently Ability to work under pressure and handle deadlines, including balancing work and family responsibilities Ability to cooperate, contribute and collaborate as a member of a group in an effort to attain agreement and achieve a collective outcome Knowledge of how to use and apply job-appropriate computer applications and other office equipment, such as copiers and fax machines Skill in logical reasoning, conceptualizing abstract ideas, organizing symbols and graphs, seeing systemic issues, and evaluating data or outcomes Skill in prioritizing tasks, following schedules, and tending to goalrelevant activities in a way that uses time wisely and optimizes efficiency and results Consistently demonstrates punctuality, dependability, responsibility and reliability in reporting for duty and carrying out assigned tasks as directed Skill in effectively conveying written information and messages in a socially acceptable manner that is easily understandable to others Copyright 2016 North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. ~ All rights reserved. 23