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Definitions of Basic Skills and Attributes for Entry Level Workers Survey respondent rankings are on page 21) Skills and Attributes Adaptability Appreciation of Diversity Attention to Detail Conflict Management Creativity Critical Thinking Customer Service Decision-making Dedication Following Directions Information Gathering Initiative Integrity Intellectual Risk-taking Descriptions Ability to adjust to changing expectations and be flexible when confronted with new or ambiguous circumstances or situations Ability to show empathy and embrace multi-cultural diversity, including viewing new ideas and varying perspectives in a positive fashion Skill in reviewing with a critical eye the fine, detailed aspects of both quantitative and qualitative work process and end products Skill in assessing interpersonal situations and resolving or mediating conflict, including taking steps to avoid potential or perceived conflict Ability to conceive of, and contribute, new ideas, alternative pathways, or unique responses to a variety of situations Ability to analyze situations, assess information and judge alternatives in conceptual, intellectual, abstract, mathematical and logical formats Ability to ascertain, and respond quickly to, the needs of internal and external customers to meet employer expectations and customer satisfaction Knowledge of how to ask questions, consider options, risks and rewards, set limits and plan goals, and apply information to the process of choosing the best alternative Ability to demonstrate endurance, follow-through and capacity to complete work tasks, including proposing, negotiating and implementing alternative approaches Ability to follow written and oral instructions, and to adhere to established procedures, business practices and policies, including health and safety Ability to observe, to listen to informat ion provided orally and to read material to gather, document and interpret information presented various formats Ability to show self-motivation in getting work done, or done better, in the course of routine, daily work or take the lead in unique situations Ability to be trustworthy and honest, to choose the ethical course of action, and to comply with all applicable rules, laws and regulations Acceptance of the importance of lifelong education, including learning quickly and thoroughly, and continuously applying new knowledge Copyright 2016 North Central Texas InterLink, Inc. ~ All rights reserved. 22