Terrier Volume 79, Number 1 - Fall 2015 - Page 9

131st Charter Day Convocation M AY 1 — As St. Francis College celebrated its right to award degrees, a right decreed by New York state in 188 4, the College honored its top students and a handful of Brooklyn’s education, community, and business leaders. D uns Scotus Honor Society President David Lönnberg ’15 welcomed the new class of Duns Scotus members while the college’s new CIO, Madalyn Hanley ’80, awarded the National Grid Scholarship and Internship to three St. Francis students. This is the 10 th year National Grid has offered this award. More than 10 0 St. Francis graduates have gone on to work at National Grid, including Hanley who worked there for 3 4 years, most recently as Global Vice President for IT. Frank DeRosa, who spent more than 30 years as Director of Communications for the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens, was the Frank De Rosa with Chairman of the Board of Trustees John F. Tully ’67 and Board of Trustees member Monsignor John J. Bracken. keynote speaker and an honorary degree recipient. An honorary degree was also awarded to Madeline Scotto, a lifelong educator who, at age 10 0, is the Math Bee coach at St. Ephrem’s Elementary School in Dyker Heights where she taught full time for 6 0 years. Andrew Kimball, the CEO of Industry City received the St. Francis College Entrepreneurship Award. For more photos and a full list of awards and honors from Charter Day go to the St. Francis website. ●   Lou Pastina ’79 and Professors Robert Wu and Dennis Anderson presented Andrew Kimball with the Entrepreneurship Award. L E F T T O R I G H T: Madeline Scotto. Duns Scotus Honor Society Members. A Rare Glimpse into the World of St. Francis By Alexandria Egler I n collaboration with the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn and Brooklyn Words featured hagiographic manuscripts about Francis, including pieces Borough President Eric L. Adams, St. Francis College presented Frate by Thomas of Celano and Bonaventura da Bagnoregio, the two most famous Francesco (Friar Francis): Traces, Words, Images last winter at Brooklyn biographers of Francis. This area also contained a copy of the Fioretti or Little Borough Hall, an exhibit of original documents from the Middle Ages. It was Flowers, perhaps one of the most well-known writings on St. Francis composed the first time in more than 70 0 years that these rare manuscripts, some at the end of the 14th century, 15 0 years after Francis died. from the 12th and 13th centuries, were publicly displayed. Images dazzled visitors with illuminated manuscripts that showcased creative The artifacts offer a glimpse into the rich history of St. Francis and and artistic renderings of Francis’ spirituality and life including a cantoriunus the development of the religious order he founded. Focusing on Francis (a musical piece dedicated to Francis). as a friar rather than as a saint, the exhibit More than 2,0 0 0 people viewed the highlights a man who was comfortable month-long exhibit, which was arranged conversing with popes and sultans as well in cases made from recycled material, as lepers and beggars. a thoughtful nod to the patron saint of the The exhibit divided the documents into three environment. Professors from St. Francis segments: Traces, Words, Images. College offered daily lectures and answered Traces featured original documents including questions on a number of subjects including art letters from Pope Honorius III and Pope Gregory history, medieval studies, literature, the IX. Most significant is a copy of Francis’ poem, Franciscan tradition, and Francis himself. ● “Canticle of Brother Sun,” perhaps one of To see more, follow St. Francis College History the earliest pieces of literature, if not the first, Professor Bro. Geoffrey Clement, OSF as he to be written in Italian. Francis, blind from toured the exhibit for Currents TV.  an eye disease, is believed to have dictated An illuminated manuscript from the exhibit. it to his fellow friars. ST. FRANCIS COLLEGE TERRIER | FALL 2015 | 7