Terrier Volume 79, Number 1 - Fall 2015 - Page 43

2014– 2015 S C H O L A R S H I P & A W A R D D O N O R S ( C O N T I N U E D ) Maria E. Tramontozzi Mario and Maria Treglia Aldo Tripicchio Paul F. ’69 and Giuseppina Valenti David A. Gearey ’6 4 and Virginia Hutchinson Virginia Hutchinson and David A. Gearey ’6 4 Nancy Lescher Peter J. Michel ’6 3 Anne Trivisonno Scholarship Lt. Col. Philip C. Valenti, USAF ’50 and Joan Valenti Scholarship Community Foundation of the Florida Keys Maureen Catherine Tully Scholarship Ayco Charitable Foundation Chubb & Son Eric P. Degrandpre ExxonMobil Foundation Goldman Sachs & Co. Robert M. Healey Colonel Charles J. Lercara Kristen L. McKeever Kevin and Mary J. Murphy Edmond J. ’67 and Bernadette O’Connor Suzanne W. O’Leary and Ray Ryan Paul Ryan Michael T., Esq. ’67 and Rosemary Sullivan John F. Tully ’67 BT Gary J. and Therese L. Tully William P. ’72 and Maureen Tully Thomas and Kellyanne Tully Mary A. Tully and Harold J. Elias James and Chalermluxana Tully Francis E., Ph.D. ’65 and Patricia M. Wakely Arlene A. Whalen Brother Giles Turbee, OSF Scholarship Dr. Frank N. D’Ambra ’58 + Lt. Col. Philip C. Valenti, USAF (Ret.) ’50 Louis Valentino, Jr. ’79 Scholarship (2) Martin G. McTigue Pi Alpha/Andy Virga ’72 Memorial Scholarship Andrew and Jacqueline Bernstein Gregory J. Brady ’75 George Brennan ’70 Raymond F. Chmielewski Richard J. ’6 8 and Mary Collins Brian Curci Joseph Curci Leonard J. ’70 and Concetta Cutrone Dave and Rainey Deering Donna M. DeSiena Edward and Kathleen Donohoe Daniel P. Donovan Thomas A. ’6 8 and Nancy J. Dunne Ed Fogarty Enterprises Peter ’76 and Patricia English Kenny Ford Gary J. and Anne J. Gorman In Good Co Park Ave Inc./ Park Avenue Tavern Thomas B. ’71 and Patricia Losquadro Eric F. ’71 and Suzanne Maguire John F. ’74 and Elizabeth McCue Dennis J. ’74 and Catherine B. ’74 McDermott Thomas B. ’70 and Connie McManus Derek O’Malley Joseph A. ’91 and Sharon Raftery Thomas ’73 and Marilyn Raleigh Raymond J. Ranft Thomas P. Reilly ’69 Michael E. ’72 and Michelle Salogub George L. ’79 and Cathleen Sands Peter F. ’75 and Mary K. ’77 Spiess John F. and Jeannette R. Strain Dennis M. Virga James M. ’77 and Janet M. Walsh Joan Yovine Peter J. ’72 Yovine Young Journalists in Training Scholarship David E. Haverty ’81 AMSCO Resources Incorporated Richard Bernsley Amber Brody, DO Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Brooklyn College Steve Cohn Combined Insurance Orville W. Dale BT David M. Eisen, Esq. Thomas F. and Eileen Flood Robert A. Friedlander Cheryl Gonzalez Colvin W. Grannum Dozier Hasty Michael Iadarola Jennifer Ivey Stuart Kessler Pastel Plaintiff Funding Holding, Inc. Ronald S. Rosbruch Arthur M. and Dilia Schack Angela Tese-Minler, Esq. The Honorable William C. Thompson, Sr. Thomas J. BT and Anita Volpe Jerald D. Werlin, Esq. Viktoriya Zavelina Professor William Yellin Scholarship General Scholarship Support Joseph P. Walker ’61 Memorial Scholarship Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Clare Walker Dolly Williams Accounting Award Dolly L. ’8 4 and Carl Williams Stanley Willing Memorial Award Walter R. Leong ’81 Irene Marullo ’02 Frank P. ’67 and Mary Cannistra IBM Matching Grants Program Vincent J. ’6 0 and Janice Polito Gifts In Honor of & In Memory of Memorial and Honorary gifts can be made to the Annual Fund or to our scholarship program. By prescribing a name to the gift, the donation also serves as a tribute to an individual of personal significance. To review a comprehensive list of the individuals specially acknowledged in 2014-2015 and their donors, please peruse our 2015 Fall Terrier Magazine Donor Report at sfc.edu/terrier. Gifts in Honor of R O S A R I O A C Q U I S TA N A N C Y F R A N Z O ’86 D AV I D B . L O U T F I ’13 S F C M E N ’S B A S K E T B A L L WILLIE L. ADAMS G E R A L D J. G A L G A N , P H . D . J E N N I F E R P. M A C C H I A R O L A S F C T O D AY D E A N A M . A G O S T I N O ’05 I R M A G A R C I A ’80 M A R Y T. M A C C H I A R O L A SFC WOMENS BASKETBALL GLENN A. BR AICA R U B E N N . G O N Z A L E Z ’0 4 MICHAEL C. MACCHIAROL A D AV I D D . S M I T H ’6 4 BRO. GREGORY L. CELLINI, OSF F R A N C I S J. G R E E N E , P H . D . T H E M A N S F I E L D FA M I LY R O B E R T J. S N Y D E R ’67 MARIE PIERRE R. CHAUPIN J O S E P H M . H E M WAY ’8 4 MARTINA MCCARTHY FR ANK SORRENTINO, PH.D. ROBIN CHESTER IRMA HIL AIRE C AT H E R I N E B . M C D E R M O T T ’74 R I TA C U M B E R B AT C H GEOFFREY HORLICK, PH.D. D E N N I S J. M C D E R M O T T ’74 S T. F R A N C I S C O L L E G E AT H L E T I C D E PA R T M E N T NICHOL AS DAPERIS E M I LY H O R O W I T Z , P H . D . KIR AN A JOONI MCNEIL STEPHEN A. DAPERIS DION C. JONES JESSICA MOR ALEZ GARCIA D R . G E R A R D D AV I D S O N C AT H Y A . K E L LY ’83 CARMINE NOGAR A, PH.D. C H A R L O T T E A N N R O YA L L A N D C A M P B E L L G R A C E D AW S O N NAOMI KINLEY N I C H O L A S J O H N N O TA R O M I C H A E L A N D M I C H E L L E K N O W LT O N M E G H A N K . O ’B R I E N JENNIFER M. L ANCASTER, PH.D. K AT H E R I N E O ’H A G A N GIROGIO L ANTIERI R O B E R T A . O L I VA ’0 4 THE HONOR ABLE WILLIAM C. THOMPSON, SR. MARY LOU L ANTIERI E L I Z A B E T H C . P E R A LTA JOHN L. THURSTON T H O M A S M . L A Q U E R C I A , E S Q . ’66 SUSAN L. RICHARDS TOM AND CARY TR ACY M I A R . L E N T I N E L L O ( @B"d0B2bPDTU4RT""""R"B22RbR"2b( c"brR""2rREBŒ2B$$$"ETt""RBBRr( cUE$TtU RdbR""R B2bb@2"R2b"( 2Be"224Tt^("("#N( 3#RTD""U"B2Bb"222RrPDUdTTBdd4PRBt"B"2BRt"@DRDT$tT42DT$tTBR2RdŐC